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Seasonal Logos

October 21, 2011

Seasonal Logos

The holiday season is coming and businesses are taking the opportunity to thank their clients for their continued support. Whether it be with a holiday greeting card, friendly e-card, or perhaps through means of social media, why not stand out a bit this year and dress up your logo for the special occasion. Whether the changes be simple and elegant, or bright and playful, seasonal touches to your logo can be a productive way to start conversions around your brand, and keep your message light hearted.

If you think a seasonal update could be right for your brand, here is how it works. With the goal of better targeting your market, we start the process with a conversation about your business and it's audience. After identifying the overall feelings and emotions trying to be evoked with the changes, we then enter into the design phase. Structured to allow for ample client feedback, the design phase starts with the presentation of three unique seasonal concepts, of which one is chosen to further refine. The chosen design will then undergo another round of design, and will then be presented for final critiques. The resulting logo design will be packaged up and delivered in all formats needed for use in print, and on the web. While you may only want to use this logo a few weeks out of the year, it can be saved and reused for many years to come!

Want some help with the next steps? Custom mailers, postcards, newsletters, and holiday animations are all great options for communicating with your clients and passing along some holiday cheer!

Think this sounds like fun? Give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss whether this process could be right for your brand.

A Few Examples

Level8's Holiday Logo

Vitalius Real Estate

A Holiday Mailer

Click To View The Animation