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Blogging: The Basics

May 16, 2011

** Admittedly, the following topic comes as a result of our recent absence from our own blog. After spending much time coaching clients on proper blog protocol, we've inadvertently neglected our own responsibilities!

Avoid Not Blogging

Level8 makes a lot of websites, and more and more of those websites now contain a blog. With a blog comes basic blog counseling, the purpose of which is to make sure a blog is going to be a good fit for the site administrator. The follow are a few questions asked:

1) Are you aware of the commitment a blog represents? It's cute at first but can become ugly overtime without proper attention.
2) Are you willing to dedicate a minimum of an hour a week to using your blog?
3) Do you have a plan for who's going to take care of your blog in case you go away for a week?

Why Have a Blog?

It's true, blogs can be a lot of work, so why bother? Well, everyone can have a slightly different answer to this question, but there are a few things we know. Blog can drastically help you sites search engine visibility. Search engines love fresh new content, filled with good relevant text/images/videos. In theory, this is exactly what your blog should be, a place where you constantly, and consistently publish information relevant to your business, industry, or interest. It's great to have search engines on your side, but let's not forget about your customers. Ideally your blog is intriguing, and informative, drawing your customers back again and again for more good information. If you become viewed as a resource/expert in your field, this can only have a positive impact on sales as we know people want to buy the products and services from those they respect.

What Should I Blog?

Your website has a focus, use that focus to drive the content in your blog. That being said, a blog can also be an opportunity to do more than regurgitate information about your business. Blogging can be an opportunity to develop a company voice, build relationships with your audience, further establish your brands style and language. Remind your clients and audience that your business is powered by people with personalities. Videos and photography can add a lot of value to your post, they also carry good weight with search engines. Write to your audience, but most importantly, WRITE!