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L8 Design Process

January 28, 2011

Level8 Website Design Process: Creating Custom Web Designs

Your Website: Designed to succeed

Your online presence is an important extension of your business, it should be planned and executed with purposeful intents to create a visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, informative and dynamic user expirence. Understanding that a website is more than just images ad text on a screen, we work to build an experience which reflects the company which is represents. We accomplish this is part through a design process we call, the 3-2-1.

The Level8 Website Design Process: We call it the 3-2-1

The website design process is initiated only after the clients online goals have been extensively discussed, the sites information architecture has been planned, and market analysis has concluded. At this time we begin The 3-2-1 Website Design Process, which is broken into four deliverables, with a structure to allow for ample client feedback. We call it the 3-2-1 as the process is structure to start with 3 unique concepts and work down to 1 final design through client feedback and revisions. While the following represents a standard work flow, the process is adjustable to meet company's budgets and needs.

ROUND 1: Present 3 unique homepage designs, each with several variations
- CLIENT FEEDBACK: choose favorite designs and provide feedback

This is an exciting day, many relate it to the feeling they get on Christmas. It's time to look at a set of fresh new website designs, custom prepared for you and your business's needs. This first design round will consist of 3 unique homepage designs, each with several variants. We start with the homepage design to define the style and structure that will then be brought into the internal pages later in the process. After all designs have been considered and reviewed, 2 of the 3 concepts will be altered based on client feedback.

ROUND 2: Based on client feedback, present 2 homepage designs, each with several variations
- CLIENT FEEDBACK: choose favorite design and provide feedback

Round 1 revisions have been completed on the two design concepts. These designs will be narrowed to 1 final concept, and based on your feed back it will undergo a second round of revisions.

ROUND 3: Based on client feedback, present final homepage design, as well as 1 design for each internal page
- CLIENT FEEDBACK: feedback on internal page designs

Round 3 is where we fine tune the selected design concept, and present it with a design of an internal page. This pairing demonstrates what the user will see when they first come to the website, and an example of what they will see when they move into a specific part of the site.

ROUND 4: Based on client feedback, present final designs for each internal page

The round 4 presentation is often as exciting as the round 1, it's the day things are all going to come together. Every page of your future website has been designed and it is time for final feedback. Onward!: This concludes the design phase, now onto development