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September 20, 2010

A new web analytics system takes the stage

SeeVolution launched it's Beta release on September 1st 2010 with the goal of creating, to quote their wiki, "a simple user interface that converts aggregated data into visual tool sets." While early adapters have had to wrestle with the inevitable quarks of a Beta release, the development team has seemingly been responsive and direct with it's public. In response to a client's request, we did our first install of the SeeVolution tool last week and had some questions regarding the SeeVolution's domain registration's sensitivity to the inclusion of preceding www's (ex. vs After an inquiry was sent along to the SeeVolution support email, a response was returned within 30 minutes, a pleasant surprise after waiting up to several days in the past from other PAID service providers.

Furthermore, it seems SeeVolution plans to continue to offer some, though presumably not all, of their tools for free even after it leave the Beta phase. While it's hard to imagine SeeVolution creating a set of data as comprehensive as the free tools provided by Google, it will be great to offer clients it's visual representation of select sets of data in conjunction. While their wiki page doesn't directly identify future goals of the tool set, it will be interesting to see how SeeVolution evolves in the coming months.