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A Level8 QR Code?

June 8, 2010

QR: A Brief History

A Quick Response (QR) Code is a 2D matrix code developed in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave for use with tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. Today QR use has broadened it's scope to include end user marketing such as promotional campaigns and informative aids displayed on websites, posters, billboards, stickers and more. While currently prevalent in the Japanese market, there appears to be rising use in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Australia, and Taiwan. Popularity, and even the knowledge of QR Code's existence has lacked in The United States and western Europe, however with the growing presence of smartphones in these markets there is hope in the marketing industry that in the coming years QR Codes could offer a new outlet for distributing information and channeling potential clients.

Why We Care

"In five years' time you'll wonder why you need a PC at all."
- John Forsyth, Symbian's Head of Market Propositions (2006)

The way we interact with the world around us is constantly changing, just months ago IT firm Gartner released information demonstrating smartphone sales are set to outpace those of desktop computers by 2012. While I've struggled to find any documentation directly correlating QR usage with that of smartphones in specific geographic markets, global trends lead me to believe that a positive relationship does exist. As a company, Level8 has begun integrating QR Code in it's communication with clients and the general public with the hopes of enhancing our understanding or QR's potential and relevance in our local community. Ultimately, we aim to track and quantify the response received from our QR outreach to determine if such campaigns could bring value to our clients and their audiences.

Recent Uses

Cowboys Stadium during the third quarter of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Cowboys Classic (2009)

Level8's postcard sent to area marketing companies announcing our new website (2010)

Google integrates QR Codes onto the decals sent to businesses (2009)

Polo launches QR Code enabled mobile commerce site (2009)

QR Resources/Information