Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition.

Website Design

The perfect employee.

Your website is always ready to greet people, it works all through the night, and can communicate with millions of customers at a time. This perfect employee, your website, should be treated as the valuable asset it is. This is why Level8 is committed to designing and developing exceptional websites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, informative and dynamic. We understand that a website is more than just text and images on a screen. A website is, in fact, an experience which reflects the company that it represents. We work hard to define and understand your business’ identity, values, needs, goals, services and audience in order to develop a web experience that will literally work for you. A great website doesn’t just inform its viewers, it turns them into the clients that define your business’ success. Our goal is to deliver a great quality website that you'll feel proud of and thankful for.

Content Management Systems

Website updates made easy.

A content management system is an easy to use, interactive web tool that enables you to control the content on your website. With a CMS, you no longer need to contact an IT professional when updates are needed – rather, within minutes, anyone in your organization can learn how to update your site. This powerful addition to your website enables you to stay fresh in the eyes of your audience, delivering current, relevant and valuable information in minutes.

Logos &

Create brand equity.

A brand is anything that is used to identify and distinguish a business, product, or service. Knowing this, it is no surprise effective brand development and brand management can play a pivotal role in generating and sustaining business.

Print Design

Kicking it olde school.

Print design is an essential aspect of creating effective marketing collateral. Combining the expertise of brand identity, marketing strategies, and the fundamentals of print, our design team works together to create powerful pieces that not only excite, but leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Business Management Systems

Why you should throw your filing cabinet out the window.

A business management system (BMS) essentially expands the functionality of your content management system – with a BMS, you can maintain not just the content of your website, but any of your business’s data. The BMS consolidates information that you have in file cabinets, address books and spreadsheets into a single program that has been carefully tailored to meet your specific needs, dramatically simplifying the chore of keeping track of and updating your business’s information.

Website Analysis & Reports

We'll show you what's working, and what's not.

Whether new or old, it's important to set goals for your website and see how well they are being achieved. Using key metrics and years of industry experience, Level8 can demonstrate who your current audience is and their habits, as well as recommend how to check both in order to better meet your online goals.

Mobile Web/Application Development

Is your business mobile ready?

It is predicted that by 2015, over 50% of internet activity will originate from mobile devices. Is your website mobile ready? Could your company benefit from a custom built native iPhone application? Level8 is ready to build the solutions to bring your business ahead of the curve, and capture the rapidly expanding mobile audience.

Website Security

How safe is your information?

Every website foundation should include security considerations, protecting your information and your visitors, oppose to having these measures be reactionary procedures. We specialize in taking these measures on all websites from day one, and making recommendations to those who need to put such measures in place after their website has already been launched.