A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

Shane Vitalius

Founder/Creative Director


"Are you honestly going to preview the logo in all 4,634 of your fonts again?" A question often asked of Shane in a rhetorical manor, but still, often asked. Meticulously constructing goal oriented designs since 2002, his ability to foster clients business objectives through highly aesthetic compositions has been the backbone of Level8 Design Studio since it's inception. Still very active in the oversight of every projects road to fruition, his demand for pixel perfect construction enviably leads to a frenzied developer, but most importantly an exuberant client.

Artist & Entrepreneur

Formally trained in design at the Massachusetts College of Arts, Shane was simultaneously working on a degree which he received from Harvard University in 2002. Upon graduation, he identified the growing need of companies for a strong internet presence, one which could be balanced in form and function. With the goal of creating such products, Shane embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and began a company which has since evolved into a leading North East design studio.

Saul Fontenot-Amedee

Developer/System Administrator

Well Seasoned Not Overdone

Twelve years ago Saul began building servers and websites for environmental and social justice organizations and after a few years grew his own business. Overtime he has worked for hundreds of satisfied clients. Clients have ranged from large scale payment processing corporations to smaller business ventures. Saul believes the best solution is often the simplest. Websites and applications that get used are a natural extension of the person it was intended for(not always the person building the site/application or the company that the site/application represents). Originally from Louisiana Saul loves spice and adventure. Saul's work life is balanced with play and contemplation.

Building From Good Bones

Saul believes nothing will succeed without the proper structure. As a system administrator Saul continues his belief in minimal yet progressive design. Saul also enjoys tackling marketing and search engine optimization projects of any scale.

Ryan Smith

Developer/Technical SEO

Stronger, Smarter Code

Build it smart, build it strong, build it to last. Much like a structure of any size, a website requires a solid foundation to ensure its longevity. He's fluent with PHP, ASP.NET (C# & VBScript) Python, Ruby, ColdFusion, Perl, JavaScript/jQuery and SQL. He has great technical knowledge with a penchant for abstract thought and a thirst for new challenges.

Technical SEO, say what?

For clients ranging from mom & pops to the Fortune 100, as well as for many well-known boutique SEO firms, Ryan advises on, produces and executes comprehensive search marketing strategies, performs highly-detailed technical and forensic SEO audits, architects search-optimized and responsive web applications, and consults on issues such as web analytics, usability and conversion optimization, IA migration, IP delivery, web server configuration, hosting migration, bot throttling and filtering, content-scraper detection and all sorts of other highly technical stuff.

Chad Arsenault

Front-End Developer/Designer

Easier, Better, Faster, Prettier

Starting out in 2001 as an all-around web designer and developer, Chad quickly grew to love the blurry area between development and design. As a freelance developer, he worked with clients on everything from brand development and print design for small businesses to large-scale single-page cybersecurity applications for Department of Defense contractors.

All About the Front End

These days, Chad's focus is entirely on front-end development, from Gulp/Grunt implementations to SASS methodologies; site performance optimization to responsive design and JavaScript/jQuery application development. Chad's goals are to ensure your websites run as quickly as possible across the entire gamut of internet-connected devices out there today, and more importantly, are a pleasure to use.