A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

Design Studio

The man who has no imagination has no wings.

Originally conceived under the name Infinite Artworks in 2000 by Shane Vitalius, Level8 Design Studio took it's present title in 2009. Residing on Portland's downtown waterfront, our team of problem solving specialists is dedicated to providing fresh solutions to ever present challenges for businesses. Nationally recognized for our web design, flash development, graphic design, strategic branding, and innovative marketing tools, we've continued to expand our capabilities to encompass business management solutions designed to improve the efficiency of large businesses and reduce strain on small organizations.

While impossible to predict the future path of internet technologies, we are excited to continue making the opportunities it creates accessible to our clients.

Our Secret

Baking Up The Tastiest Solutions.

Close your eyes, take two deeps breaths, and clear your mind. When you feel relaxed and centered, open your eyes and proceed. First, we must create the Strategy.


Use an industrial strength juicer to extract the clients values, needs, goals, products, services, vision, brand and target audience. Combine an abundance of creativity, logic, knowledge, enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and caring in a glass bowl and carefully stir in the client juice. Place the mixture in a stainless steel lobster pot, bring to a boil and patiently simmer until the ingredients meld into a sparkling brilliance.


Take out a heavy duty aluminum muffin pan, fill each cup half way with the sparkling strategy and then add several pinches of technology, usability and creativity. Then skillfully finish off each cup with unique aesthetic beauty.

After the creation has cooled to a palatable temperature, sample the results of your labor. Because each ingredient was properly prepared and meticulously measured there is no reason to believe the taste will not match the desired profile, but be patient as there is always room for improvement.

Repeat baking and reviewing the product twice more to properly analyze the melding of flavors, the emotions evoked by the presentation, and the durability of it's construction.


The next step requires a touch of magic combined with a couple ounces of perseverance and a really big calculator. Replace the aluminum pan with an invisible and globally accessible network, encode all ingredients into a few universally read computer languages, and don't forget to maintain that sparkling brilliance in it's presentation. Share the unique creation with the rest of the world and watch the clients success grow.