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Why does Real Estate Website Design Matter?

December 12, 2015

In Maine we are sitting on some of the most beautiful scenic and available land in United States. Everyone from the president to John Travolta comes to visit our National and state parks. If someone is looking to buy a home in Maine there are not a ton of easy to use website solutions. According to leading experts the Maine real estate market is hotter than ever. With the above in mind effective real estate website design is more important than ever.

Real Estate Website Design
is not Just for Trulia

In Maine it's not just huge companies like Sotheyby's or Trulia trying to grow the economy but boutique firms that support the local economy. Some firms have stopped paying attention to what their website looks like and others continue to use signs billboards and third party websites to support their business. Few web development firms have taken notice of this market and done it well.

Level8 design studio has been working with real estate agencies for over five years now. We take pride in our work especially our real estate web design clients and projects.

Ok. Why is an office not enough?

Consider the largest consumer market today or think about the kids. People are increasingly using mobile devices and laptops to do shopping. In fact this holiday season has had quite a surge in online purchases. In fact traditional brick and motar stores like Walmart or Target are still trying to catch up with Amazon and Alibaba. Of course you do not have to take my word for it. Many Agencies such as US Newsweek and The New York Times have been writing about this shift for a decade or more. Just recently Teresa Mears wrote an article in US News

Younger buyers live on their smartphones and use them as a key tool in their home searches. Apps are often their preferred method to check listings and collect other information.

Yet so many real estate website designs do not even provide a mobile view much less an application. Consider that you are more likely to get a call or gain trust from the average web or application user if you are the actual source of the data. A minor investment in a good website could yield some profits and Maine is definitely ready to serve the data

Want to know more?

Got questions? Want to know more? Stay tuned as we continue to post relevant information about real estate website design or contact us if you are looking to get started with a great design.