In this new wave of technology, you can't do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.

July 06, 2011

Wanted: Front-End Web Developer

Level8 is hiring! We are looking for a front-end web developer who wants to work in a fun, fast paced, small team environment. Focused on delivering premium web solutions, Level8 is in immediate need of an enthusiastic, motivated individual who loves to make design files come to life. For more information download the Job Details PDF below and follow up with Geoff Keating @ for additional questions.

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June 27, 2011

Let me start by acknowledging I spend way to much time on Facebook. As a company which develops and integrates business solutions within Facebook, it's become important for us to know what's possible, but also what Facebook allows. When monitoring the activity of local and national brands on the Facebook platform it's hard not to wince at some of the glaring violations businesses are committing against the guidelines Facebook has established.


June 10, 2011

In response to a growing demand for the unique flavors & styles of Level8, we have introduced three new super stars to the roster. Hand picked for maximum freshness, rigorously tested for consistency, we're proud to announce the following new team members...

Anna Downer: Designer

Anna, aka Debbie, was recruited from the mid west in May of 2011. A connoisseur of sweet tea and Pantone colors, she has yet to try a lobster roll.

Baris Sener: Front End Developer

Baris: A Turkish name for "peace", also the name of a pretty sweet looking weevil. If anyone knows the difference between a weevil and a beetle, I'm all ears. But I digress ... Baris is a black belt of css/html, joining our dojo in February of 2011.

Ben Johnson: Back End Developer

Like an unsung hero, Ben's magic is often performed out of the public eye, only manifesting it's self through the keystrokes of a front end developer. He joins the team with a decade of experience and the title of the tallest person on the level8 staff.


June 15, 2011

How do you share?

screen grab from, displaying their share buttons

Sharing is important, or so my parents have told me. In our current era where social networks are exceeding 500 million users, sharing is once again a term being pressed upon on. Interestingly, we now share less for the benefit of others and more for the promotion of content and products which we associate with. That's not to say people don't pass along useful bits of information sometimes, but just the nature of what "sharing" means has in many ways changed. Oppose to sharing a ball with a friend, or sharing a book with someone who you think will like it, the way we now share lends it's self to pushing links to articles/photos/movies to hundreds of people at a time. Chances are, many of whom couldn't care less, and may even find your link to some obscure YouTube video to be an item of clutter in their feed. Some may love it, and many may never even see the post. Kinda sounds like traditional marketing, push a message out to many, a small group of which will buy in, while many will disregard the message. So when you're jamming content in front of your friends, colleagues, and people you barley know but have found yourself in a network with, how do you share?


May 16, 2011

** Admittedly, the following topic comes as a result of our recent absence from our own blog. After spending much time coaching clients on proper blog protocol, we've inadvertently neglected our own responsibilities!

Avoid Not Blogging

Level8 makes a lot of websites, and more and more of those websites now contain a blog. With a blog comes basic blog counseling, the purpose of which is to make sure a blog is going to be a good fit for the site administrator. The follow are a few questions asked:

1) Are you aware of the commitment a blog represents? It's cute at first but can become ugly overtime without proper attention.
2) Are you willing to dedicate a minimum of an hour a week to using your blog?
3) Do you have a plan for who's going to take care of your blog in case you go away for a week?